Pop Pillows – Dead Tired


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Pop Pillows – Dead Tired


Pop Pillows – Dead Tired

From the classic Pop Pillow design of pillow cases comes the Dead Tired set.   This reversible set of pillow cases is straight out of the horror flicks, red corn syrup and guts all over the place !


Blood splattered and with a matching bloodied axe to go with it on the reverse, you will certainly raise some questions when you get your early morning cup of tea brought in to you.  Just be prepared for shrieks of horror and hot tea flying all over the place!


Each of the pillows requires an essential component to complete the picture – that would be your head we’re talking about.  Each pillow case is made from 100% cotton and comes in its own funky gift box.


Cheeky, stylish, and (should you feel you are running short of it) a good conversation starter should you find yourself in bed with a total stranger – not something we fully approve of but understand.



  • Two 100% cotton reversible pillows with different designs.

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