Mood Toast Stamp I Love You


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Mood Toast Stamp I Love You


Mood Toast Stamp I Love You

Mood Toast Stamp



Toast is a great snack and a favourite breakfast food.


Why not make it more interesting by writing a message on your toast?


You might think that it can’t be done without ink poisoning but it is simple really. All you have to do is press one of the mood toast stamps onto your piece of bread.  Then put your bread in the toaster like you would do normally.


When the toast pops up, the message will be clear to read.Perhaps you want to cheer up a housemate or family member who has been down in the dumps making them breakfast in bed with “Good Morning” in their toast is sure to put a smile back on their face.  Or tell your better half how you feel with the “I Love You” stamp.


After all, it is the little romantic gestures like this that make all the difference. Specifications: Two stamps in one pack, one saying “I Love You” and the other reading “Good Morning” Press the mood toast stamp into the bread and after it is toasted, the chosen message will appear

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