Mini Moto Performance CARBURETTOR Carb 47cc 49cc Fits Mini Quad Dirtbike Racing


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Mini Moto / Mini Quad Spare Carburettor


Mini Moto / Mini Quad Spare Carburettor

  • This is a mini moto performance replacement air cooled carburettor for 47cc & 49cc mini pocket bike engines
  • This parts fits any air cooled model including the Mini Quad ATV, Mini Dirt Bike models, Mini Racing bike Cag GPand Mini Motard models
  • It incorporates a choke lever on the right when fitted, ON – Off fuel tap, overflow pipe and tick over setting screw
  • This is a gravity fed float style carburettor with internal throttle slide operation and shielded throttle cable connection point at the top
  • Buyers will receive 1 brand new carburettor. A Petrolscooter branded part
Measurement mm inches
Height 152 5.98
Outer Diameter of Air Filter Connection Point (excluding lip) 51 2.01
Internal Dimensions / Diameter of Fuel Chamber 14.5 0.57
Distance Between Fixing Holes (inlet side, centre of eye to centre of eye) 40 1.57
Distance Between Fixing Holes (outlet side, centre of eye to centre of eye) 37.5 1.48
Inner Diameter of Outlet (greatest) 12.9 0.51
Width (from inlet side to outlet side) 48.02 1.89
Distance Between Inlet Manifold to Head Fixing Holes (centre of eye to centre of eye) 37.99 1.5
Overall Width 48 1.89
Overall Height 116.55 4.59
Diameter of Fixing Hole(s) 5 0.2
Main Jet Size Outer Diameter 6 0.24
Main Jet Size Central Diameter 3 0.12
Includes Throttle Cable? No
Includes Air Filter? No
Includes Inlet Manifold? No
Includes Fuel Tap? Yes
Internal Dimensions of Fuel Chamber 13.45



Key Features


  • All carburettors include brass jets for smooth fuel flow
  • All carburettors are pre tested by our supplier to ensure they work once received


This high performance carburettor is one of a wide range that we sell which fit Chinese air cooled Mini Motos.

It uses a larger jet than the standard carb and has finer motor controls for better quality. 
Key components are made from heat dispersing steel.

It comes from one of the best Mini Moto CNC factories.

Carburettors do not come with air filters gaskets or inlet manifolds unless they are pictured.

Please measure your old carburettor prior to purchase to ensure you order the right type for your machine. Things to check are the connection size of the inlet manifold (the joint between engine and carburettor), the size of the air filter connection and the manual choke location (unless its automatic choke).

Carburettors are the brains of engines. If you have a cheap problamatic carburettor this will produce running issues ranging from poor idling to poor revving out with a whole host of issues in between. Improving your carburettor will generally enable your engine to work faster, and create more power and offer better reliability.

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